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اخر الاخبار

City Aidan underground Tepe (Turkey)

Take in the city of Aydin Tepe underground in Turkey

Experienced childhood with the Turkish domain number of old human civic establishments since the main human entry of every antiquated progress of the season of the old development presentation and Hellenistic Greek and Romanian, Byzantine and even Islamic progress Therefore, we find that the place where there is Turkey, one of the wealthiest land old mankind's history, there are a large number of attractions from the vestiges of royal residences and the remnants of urban communities and sanctuaries and old cloisters and entire urban communities underground due to the colossal social legacy that has gone by and deserted the majority of this, each nation is distinctive and human advancement as far as impacts and components that left her in character and engineering shape among the most unfamiliar authentic places in Turkey city Aydin Tepe Underground

Aidan inside Tepe City

Aidan Tepe Aydıntepe city of more urban areas alluring to sightseers as of late, especially for sweethearts of history and old landmarks and darlings of science Alantholubaja is a standout amongst the most critical verifiable underground urban communities, situated in the condition of Bayburt in the north-east of the Turkish land only 25 kilometers or 16 miles west region of Bayburt is a private city and it underground

Aidan Tepe City

Are alluring regions for vast quantities of voyagers every year, is one of the newfound urban communities where it was found by chance when he was lauds structures for boring in 1988, however a few sources say that between the years 1999-2000 and the historical backdrop of the city goes back to around 3,000 years specified in old books that early Christians settled in under the city keeping in mind the end goal to escape from the mistreatment of the Romans

Passageways and Gervmedinh Aidan Tepe

The city has a considerable measure of rooms and lobbies and passageways, which was framed from volcanic shakes or cut rocks, volcanic and without the utilization of any building materials to a profundity of 2-5 meters beneath the world's surface is proportional to 16 feet are associated corridors and divisions with 1 meter and paths wide 2 meters equal to 6.6 feet and a length of around 1 kilometer, be that as it may, there are eight conelike sections on the paths accepted to have been worked for the side effects of ventilation observing, remaining at the entryway round shake breadth equivalent to 1.5 meters treated 4.9 feet to close the passage of the city from the outside world is probably going to work in the Byzantine late and early evening Roman said that Muslims additionally utilized under the city with the end goal of capacity and were there by the water, the city was put under the insurance of the social board to protect the regular legacy in 2008, covering the city a vast part of the land a gigantic territory of ​​130,000 feet have been opened to general society since 2008 and is today open to the general population to visit and appreciate it