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Zoo Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur Park

About the recreation center and aquarium

Put the Kuala Lumpur National Zoo and the Aquarium of the more than 110 sections of land around the focal lake. Otherwise called the National Zoo, found 13km north-east of Kuala Lumpur on Jalan Tun Razak outside along Jalan Ulu Klang. The zoo is home to around 5,137 creatures, including tigers and the effect in Asia and Africa.

What's more, it holds 90% of the creatures at the National Zoo in extensive displays with the scene recreation environment. Opened in 1963, it is overseen by the non-legislative association known as the Zoological Society of Malaysia. The Association of Southeast Asian zoos part (SEAZA), is set to the zoo on these expansive establishments that will require no less than three hours to investigate the entire place.


The possibility of ​​a Malaysian zoo official started in 1957 with a scaled down zoo started the "Design" rural green social orders cleared (Maha). Gradually however unquestionably, it is likewise pulling in more guests (to in the long run reach per million), it proposed the idea to a bigger region of ​​the national government chose to fabricate it in Ulu Klang and Selangor.

In 1963, the leader of the new opening of the recreation center is the primary clergyman, "Tunku Abdul Rahman" was authoritatively in Malaysia. Where it is situated in such closeness to a great deal of undeveloped land comprising mostly of rich tropical timberlands, the zoo was nicknamed "the zoo in the forested areas."

Untamed life

National Zoo and Lake Forest more than 459 untamed life species, with uncommon accentuation on local species. A whole display is committed to the man nearest relatives in the "Monkey Center," which incorporates the Orang Utans Parnain and Sumatra, while the monkey/Department "monkeys less" may Gibbons, Syamanjs Makakwes pork prey Makakwes since quite a while ago followed monkeys and silver.

Besides, can be found on the first untamed life, for example, civet Mosanj unshaven pig and tiger and rhino stop likewise highlights an extraordinary accumulation of snakes, including a snake pit of Sumatra and the Indian Rock Python. To make it less demanding to investigate the zoo, and there is a van transport that drops guests off outside a well known compartments, for example, the tiger and the lion and shows.

Different shows

There are 16 amass displays in the "National Zoo and Garden Basin" - the reptile stop, the presentation "Malaysian elephants", the feathered creatures of the lake, bear complicated Kingdom warm blooded creatures are among the most well known areas. Kids are very much provided food with a full area gave to youngster inviting creatures, for example, rabbits, ducks, chickens, parrots and guinea pigs on the planet for kids. There is even a smaller than expected rain woodland with an assortment of plants and creepy crawlies and additionally little pen, angle lake, horse animal dwellingplace and scaled down golf here. Youngsters' area favored another little island with a couple of otters covered water easily look as they swim around and play with each other; it nearly appears that they revere the consideration of the general population.


"Tunku Abdul Rahman bowl" in the back of the creature sound rather desolate garden however it is an advantageous experience in and get a look at the uncommon fish species and fish of various coral reefs. It is the primary eco-based new water bowl which highlights the stream and the Malaysian domain wetland with imperiled species, for example, shrimp and even coral, crabs and Walhacrat nearby water and fish. There are more than 80 types of marine life here.


"National Park" numerous protection endeavors in the previous couple of years, a standout amongst the best reproducing are for the most part 200 "smooth storks" profoundly imperiled species, the zoo arrangements to discharge in nature.

Moreover there are offers creature shows and photograph stalls Zoo guided visits, talks, classes and other intelligent sessions. In any case, it is the volunteers, "National Park," which permits you to genuine work; you'll get the opportunity to collaborate with the creatures program, and in addition take in more about them. With an end goal to build attention to the creature has been distributed "Zoo Negara" a story chronicling the lives of the Orang-Manga appreciate in addition to it disperses free production, "seeded characterization of creatures", for understudies of elementary schools.

New Era

Continuation of the "national stop" is endeavoring to embrace better approaches to draw in guests: In 2007, he started the stream of air from inside the creature known as the "Zoo Negara live" Internet video nourish for 24 hours! A joint wander between the Zoo Negara and College of Art and Design at the Shah Alam camera nourish concentrated on two of the tigers and cleared Bhasin and Zana, the exchange from a creature stop in Melaka trade program. Appeal consideration mind blowing since it permits guests to see the show and to restore the night of the LTTE territory (additionally in nourishment), because of the awful conditions have turned into the stream is not accessible in mid 2010.

As of late, "National Zoo" started a program where guests an opportunity to see nighttime creatures in their head administrator in the creature trips the Night Safari Park.

Instructions to reach

Kuala Lumpur in the midst of a taxi will take you to "pelvic and National Zoo" Although it is less expensive to jump on a transport. Run Mitrobos # 16 of the "Focal Market" in Chinatown to the zoo; rather, shabby transport Another choice is to utilize a "Kelana Jaya light rail travel," ablaze "and Langsa Mago homogenized" station and take a taxi or transport feeder to the zoo