Egyptian Museum's 'piece of the month' contest looks to military history for October - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Egyptian Museum's 'piece of the month' contest looks to military history for October

To stamp the commemoration of the 6 October triumph in the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, the Egyptian Museum has chosen nine antiques from its gathering that highlight the Egyptian armed force in antiquated times to be put to the vote on Facebook for its "October bit of the month."

The executive general of the historical center, Sabah Abdel-Razek, clarified that the chose objects demonstrate the part of the Egyptian armed force amid antiquated times and the weapons they utilized as a part of their fights against intruders.

Tutankhamun's ostracon

The chose relics are differing and incorporate a gathering of Egyptian lancers cut in wood from the tomb of Prince Mesehti in Assiut; a limestone statue of the eleventh tradition Theban Antef, boss general of King Mentuhotep II, situated and wearing a wig; and an alabaster statue of the eighteenth line King Tuthmosis III, who made the biggest realm that old Egypt had ever observed, leading seventeen armed force crusades

The statue demonstrates the ruler bowing offering nu pots and wearing the nemes, the well known pharaonic striped crown, and the ureaus, the snake trimming worn by Egyptian pharaohs.

Another ancient rarity included is one of King Tutankhamun's eight shields, which demonstrates the lord holding a scimitar prepared to slaughter two lions

Additionally included are the head of Nakhtmin, boss general from the rule of Tutankhamun, and a statue of Nakhtmin and his significant other Tiy, situated with an offering table before them.

Two limestone ostraca from the nineteenth and twentieth traditions are additionally among the chose objects. One shows King Ramses IV on his chariot getting Syrians and Africans, with a lion assaulting another Syrian hostage. On the back of the ostracom a bull is portrayed

The second portrays King Ramses IX with two detainees. Next to him the god Amun holds out a bird of prey and gives him an ankh and was staff in support

Coins speaking to military triumph and the boldness of the armed force are additionally included