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Bird Park Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Plant winged animals Kuala Lumpur is situated in the midst of Perdana Botanical Gardens, which is honored with grand landscape and Biskunha and only 10 minutes from Kuala Lumpur downtown area.

This stop is home to more than 3,000 winged creatures having a place with about 200 types of different sorts of neighborhood and outside fowls. Maybe the most critical normal for this stop without the greater part of the flying creatures patio nurseries are what grasped the idea of free flight.

Meander among the parts of the recreation center, don't pass up a major opportunity for your opportunity to see the mandarin duck, and hawkish falcons, feathered creatures and hornbills, ostriches and a great part of the most wonderful winged animals.

You can likewise appreciate going to nurseries winged creatures and bring forth rooms and figure out how to care eggs modernly utilizing these nurseries.

Bear in mind to take pictures and you are in recovery this armies mix of various sorts of feathered creatures and keep in mind to take part in nourishing the fowls and appreciate the presentations performed by the flying creatures in the semi-open parlors, which begins each day from 12:30 am and reaches out to 3:30 pm program.


the prepare

Take the Commuter Train (KTM Commuter) and received in return when the old station Commuter trains to Kuala Lumpur, which is found near the National Museum. Plant winged animals Kuala Lumpur, not a long way from the National Museum just a 5-minute leave.

the auto

 From Bnjdzisar Street, turn right until you achieve the railroad station indirect Malaysian rail route lines, then turn left making a beeline for a mosque Negara.

 From Mhamiro Street, move left in the direction of Barlamn Street. When you land at an activity light, turn right heading towards Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens.

The transport

 boarded a transport fast Kuala Lumpur No. B115 from Kotharaa to reach Barlamn Street.

 utilize the route in the twofold decker transport which permits you to get off and re-loading up the transport again a solitary ticket inside the Kuala Lumpur City benefit. Land at station No. 14 before the primary access to the garden winged creatures Kuala Lumpur; take note of the accessibility of this kind of transports each 30 to 45 minutes