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اخر الاخبار

the city of dahab(sinai)

Dahab is an appealing touristic city in South Sinai. It is thought to be the second most celebrated city in Sinai, after the overall well known city of Sharm El Sheik, as indicated by the quantity of voyagers who visit Dahab every year. Dahab in Arabic means gold, and the city was named "Dahab" in light of its brilliant sand shorelines

Previously, Dahab was just a little angling town until the Egyptian government gave it more significance in the late nineties and manufactured various resorts and inns in this wonderful resort of Dahab. The legislature included a considerable measure of administrations and offices in various areas of the city to expand the quantity of the vacationers who visit Dahab consistently.

Dahab which comprises of more than 1130 square kilometers, is situated on the Aqaba cove in the Sothern Eastern of Sinai 81 kilometers North of Sharm El Sheik, 135 kilometers far from the Israeli city of Elat , and 465 kilometers far from the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel. Dahab has two noteworthy inlets: Al Qora and Ghazala

Dahab is acclaimed for its brilliant sand shorelines, from which it took its name. This is other than its entrancing plunging spots, as jumping is the most famous movement to do in Dahab. The city is well known for being the least expensive plunging resort in Sinai in contrast with different resorts like Sharm El Sheik and Ras Suder

The most critical component about Dahab is that you can discover very reasonable, agreeable, clean lodgings that extent from 15 to 40 dollars for each night, and you can discover costly universal rich inns and resorts also. In this way, Dahab is reasonable for vacationers from all nations and every single social class to appreciate the one of a kind brilliant shorelines and the particular ocean exercises


Dahab comprises of (from the North toward the South) : Ras Abu Galuom, which is an ensured territory and an astounding spot for jumping, the Blue Hole which is the most well known plunging area in Dahab and in all Sinai, then there is the Asla zone which has more than 75% of the city's populace in three residential communities: Mubarak, Al Zarnook, and Al Asla, which is the most popular segment of Dahab with a considerable measure little camps, shorelines, and bedwin houses and bistros

A while later, there is Al Masbat, the most popular business and touristic segment of Dahab. This zone begins with Al Fanar Street that than there is Al Masbat Bay which is brimming with numerous stores that offer all sort of Egyptian keepsakes, distinctive jumping focuses, bistros, camps, and lodgings. This range is acclaimed for its Bedouin style bistros that are specifically on the shoreline and they serve a wide range of global and Egyptian sustenance, refreshments and liquor, and the celebrated Egyptian Shisha

blue gap

At that point there is the Laguna region where various inns and jumping focuses are situated as the range contains a standout amongst the most appealing shorelines in Dahab

I was sufficiently fortunate to visit the region of Masbat like 15 years back as my nephew used to live there. He leased one of these bistros and he welcomed us to visit him. The spot looked very surprising than whatever other resort I have been to all around Egypt. Everything is this range is straightforward. Travelers from everywhere throughout the world assemble, sing, and move in an uncommon climate you seldom locate all over Egypt. I was fortunate too to visit Dahab three years back and yes the spot has grown colossally. A great deal of new inns and resorts were opened and a considerable measure of administrations and offices were added to the city

There is likewise the principle city of Dahab where the vast majority of the huge rich inns and administrative structures are found. Voyagers who come to Dahab for the most part stay here, while less expensive inns and camps are situated in the Masbat range

There are a great deal of fascinating exercises to be done in Dahab like camel and shoreline surrey safari where you can ride into the desert and watch the astounding craft of god in Sinai. Dahab is likewise well known for helpful focuses where individuals from everywhere throughout the world come to be cured from various infections particularly Arthritis.

Dahab has a selective movement that can not be found in some other city in Sinai: windsurfing and sailboats. This is a result of the fast of wind in Dahab because of the way that the city is encompassed by mountains from all headings and this prompts making territories of high weight and different zones of low weight that outcome in an astonishing wind speed which surfers from everywhere throughout the glob love.

Another well known movement in Dahab is skydiving where travelers originate from all the world to take in this courageous game in the numerous skydiving schools that are accessible in Dahab.

Artifacts in Dahab

What a great deal of sightseers and in addition Egyptians don't know is that Dahab has various ancient pieces and landmarks. There is the Dahab port situated on the Aqaba straight which the Nabataeans utilized as a part of the second century BC to serve as a point of convergence in the exchange between the East and the West. The port used to comprise of a rectangular shape with a door and two cautious towers. Inside this entryway, various rooms were fabricated and served as stockpiles spots and there was additionally an authoritative segment. A considerable measure of coins and copper things were found in this antiquated port.

Tal El Mashraba, or the savoring slope Arabic, is the other landmark found in Dahab close to the old port, it was found that camels used to come and drink new water from the shoreline itself and this was the reason this range was called that way. A mine was likewise found around there where they used to take out

Celebrated shorelines in Dahab

Blue Hole

The most famous and shocking shoreline in Dahab is certainly the Blue Hole. This spot is truly awe-inspiring as it comprised of an immense opening inside the ocean. This gap was the consequence of a coming up short star that crushed into the earth in old times and brought on this gigantic blue opening that is 100 meters profound with a span of 50 meters.

Proficient jumpers go to the blue opening from all nations of the world in view of the testing experience and the disparate ocean life the spot offers. Be that as it may, making a plunge this region needs a significant colossal jumping knowledge.

The beacon

The Lighthouse plunging region took its name from the way that it is situated close to Dahab's beacon. The plunge site here is entirely rich as there are reef round, with zeniths and reefs giving a decent assortment of life, we found an extensive octopus, morays, red ocean walkman, crocodile fish and the typical collection of fishies. The profundity here extents from 35 to 50 meters.

The Lighthouse is an exceptionally well known site for showing jumping for all levels from tenderfoots level to specialized proficient plunging. The spot is additionally appropriate for some night jumps as should be obvious a few animals that you can never see in the morning. The beacon is likewise an immaculate spot for windsurfing and sailboats.

There is additionally the Ras Abu Galoum Protected Area with its exceptional ocean life and an alternate flying creature watching knowledge.

Numerous one day excursions can be composed from Dahab to some intriguing spots in Sinai. A one day excursion can be sorted out to visit the popular Saint Catharine cloister and climb mountain Sinai and watch the dawn, the particular shaded ravines territory, the city of Sharm El Sheik and Natural ensured region of Ras Mohamed. You can likewise have a one day camel safari trip or an agreeable 4X4 safari. You can even have one day excursion to any Egyptian city like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan via plane or even by transport to visit the celebrated landmarks in these spots. One day outings to the celebrated Petra in Jordan can likewise be composed from Dahab