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اخر الاخبار

Valley of the Kings (tourist city of Luxor)

I utilize the Valley of the Kings for over 500 years to manufacture the tombs of the pharaohs. Situated on the west bank of the Nile River despite the city of Luxor. Including the valley numerous illustrious tombs, which are loaded with superb enhancements and engravings, which make the spot a standout amongst the most appealing spots for voyagers and guests
Valley of the Kings including more than 70 inside the tomb of the Pharaohs .. furthermore, they have been the central station for solace

- An archeological specialist: Pharaohs picked the "Valley of Kings" for simple bolted anglers graves

- The exchange of the illustrious sarcophagus of King City, first to England

- Killed Tutankhamun on account of Horemheb military

The rulers of Egypt is a divine being incarnate in human structure, were given incredible significance to cover their lords like it has not seen throughout the hundreds of years and developments, Foday Kings zone of ​​West Qurna Luxor tombs of the pharaohs of the best on the planet where there is its more than 70 illustrious tombs.

The specialist says excavator on Basha, the most seasoned tomb in the valley was the ruler Tuthmosis I and goes back to the 6th century BC and the most well known of the covered in the Valley of the Pharaohs of the considerable "Tutankhamun Omon_rmesas Alazim_mrneptah_omon Aii_hor_mahb_sty first" These are the most popular, who ruled Egypt through the ages .

He included: "Basha" that before a thousand years back, around 1,500 years BC, where the rulers and the pharaohs of Egypt picked this valley to be a position of solace and unceasing voyage past death and proceeded with the Pharaohs on this way all through the New Kingdom, around 1100 BC amid the rule of the twentieth tradition, it was of the rulers of Egypt's most vital center of consideration at all in their lives to propagate their memory They were viewed as the most vital tomb hole from the castle in light of the grave pit the best way to guarantee the wellbeing of Ranlthm to travel past death and to guarantee a superior life after death by any means. "

He proceeded with: he was picked and Valley of the Kings for a few elements is that the graves mystery was the objective of these rulers the top, and the Valley of the Kings regulates the slope called "Qurna" They are like the pyramid and the pyramid was an image of demanding the people of yore to the sun's beams, and the Valley of the Kings put the security of the anglers graves and well disposed port one and only watch and in this way encourages the graves were enhanced with carvings Hilgerovih great hues and duplicate lines professionally.

He called attention to that the greater part of the graves are fragmented so that the work was halted in light of the passing of King, yet the tomb of Seti first entire second Dynasty nineteen found by Giovanni Battista Belzoni in 1817 KV17 is well known for a few different names including Apis and Belzoni Cemetery is additionally situated in the eastern Valley of the rulers Thebes.

He focused on that after a brief time of disclosure of the graveyard, and particularly in 1824, the British representative general in Egypt has requested the exchange of the illustrious sarcophagus to England and exhibited to the British Museum, who declined to keep him in return for an installment of USD two thousand and afterward was purchased by Sir John Swan, who made his offer inside his own particular accumulation that year ,

Furthermore, hit the burial ground intensely harmed when Champollion removed patch of divider reliefs existing passageway bearish length of 2.26 meters and width 1.05 meters and envision a scene inverse sides amid his investigation of the graveyard somewhere around 1828 and 1829, as extricated different things of the graveyard because of his buddy Ippolito Rosellini German MISSION investigation of the burial ground in 1845, and offers these acquisitions separated in the Louver Museum and the National Archeological Museum in Florence and the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. "

He went on that in 1922 was the best graves found the most amazing of all is the tomb of Tutankhamun One Egyptian Fraanhalslalh eighteen years on account of the Explorer and the British paleontologist Howard Carter, the most recent disclosure much display and broad on the planet, which endured the impacts of this full King in full Egyptian Museum the Tutankhamun of the most celebrated pharaohs for reasons not identified with wars accomplishments or triumphs but rather I relate Bezz passing unusual due to the demise of pharaoh at an early age is not typical, particularly with the nearness of hints of breaks in the hard hip and skull, and the marriage of his pastor Khپrkhپro Ra any of his dowager ankhesenamun after his passing and the introduction of a pharaoh himself, all these baffling occasions, the legend of the scourge of the Pharaohs, which has been connected to the tomb of the pharaoh are ascribed boggles the entire world.

What's more, the demise of King Tutankhamun is a secret extreme boggles the entire world whom he kicked the bucket of serious illness and some of them Wenta he marked on his vehicle amid an angling trip and the reason likely has that been the death of Tutankhamun by the military administrator of the pharaoh Horemheb in his rest in light of the fact that " Horemheb "is the sole recipient of the family's vanishing entire Alatunah where he started to eradicate religion heater and Akhenaten and Tutankhamun languished four times over examination in the years 1925, 1968 and 1972 and 2005, which makes it more lords of Egypt helpless against look at the physical and more restorative innovation connected to it.

Despite the fact that King Tutankhamun passed on all of a sudden and was not contaminated with HIV, and before that vanished individuals from his family without clarification, he vanished Akhenaten and vanished Nefertiti, and vanished every one of the girls of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, without clarification. Is there a genuine illness killed this family or that political life and religious claim own Bakhanaton are the explanation behind the vanishing of the family completely, is sure that King Tutankhamun was slaughtered by the military pioneer Horemheb to have the capacity to sit on the throne of Egypt and succeeded his arrangement after the demise of any Having sat the most recent four years in force, and turned into Horemheb's first military leader to succeed in being senator Egypt