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اخر الاخبار

Fortress of Babylon archaeological (ancient Egypt)

Babylon Fortress "or fortification city, Hoaljze the most seasoned in the city of Cairo, and the Romans had assembled the post when they were possessing Egypt, in a vital area to control Egypt along the Nile River.

The installment of mistreatment the Copts of Egypt to take cover inside those posts, where they built up a few chapels and a religious community inside the stronghold, and at the activity parallel to the fortress you see that the combination between the Roman planner and Coptic workmanship

The building goes back to the Fortress of Babylon the second century AD, and reestablished by the extended and fortified the Roman Emperor Arcadius in the fourth century, in the conclusion of the Coptic imprint discotheque thick Pasha

Has been utilized as a part of its development stones taken from Pharaonic sanctuaries and finished the red block, that was left of the post structures just tribal entryway flanked by two huge towers - was worked more than one of the towers from the tribal Hanging Church

Highlighting Babylon Fortress among the whole lodging is a gathering of places of worship, including the Church of St. Sergius, which depended on family

Sacred when she came to Egypt, and the Church of Santa Barbara, and the Hanging Church, and the Church of St. George
In Babylon was conceived in Christian devout framework, passed on by the Copts for the Pharaohs, and moved from Egypt to parts of the Christian world, Babylon has been known as the Fort of the general population wax castle.
Before that the Arabs think about the success of Egypt it was the Byzantines had taken from the site of the antiquated capital of Memphis center point in control of it in the north of Egypt and south squatted in the Fortress of Babylon
The fall of the fortress and the entry of Islam
At the point when Amr ibn al-wage Aas Egypt's eastern outskirt at the leader of his armed force, opening coordinated straight towards the Fortress of Babylon all in all Egypt fortification, and in the route touched base in the town of Umm Dnin and its now at Collector young men Annan in Ramses Square in the heart of Cairo, halted with his armed force to rest and sit tight for the landing of supplies asked for by the City
Amr proceeded with advancement and laid attack to the stronghold, after an attack that kept going around seven months surrendered his military battalion, and entered the fortress Muslims and possessed it on April 9 the year 641 AD, and it was falling ushers in Islam to Egypt
What's more, it settled the Islamic Army in a range Fortress of Babylon where the landmark Amr ibn al-Aas marquee initiative, and Alexandria was around then a focal point of war and monetarily critical of the Byzantine Empire on the Mediterranean, and was the home of the decision outside family, the focal point of the Greek Romanian culture and identify with ocean either straightforwardly Constantinople, capital of the realm
Torque Amr to open Alexandria, and ran with his armed force towards the city and attacked the full six months, to be opened by power in November with the year 20 AH (October the year 641 AD), and set up by that balanced out him things totally, the thought about that makes it a capital of Egypt and an inside for authority, however that the Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab rejected Amr came back to Vstath area by the fortification of Babylon in the heart of Egypt, where tranquil national components that were considered by  
                                        Muslims to their rescuers from the mistreatment and abuse of the Romans partisan
Is the Emperor Trajan manufactured a stronghold of Babylon in Cairo, and after that back to the second century AD, particularly in light of the Roman control of Egypt. He needs to take a shot at its reclamation furthermore grow and bolster the Emperor Arcadius Roman, in the fourth century AD, this was affirmed (Mark thick Pasha) Coptic imprint .ouklah Emperor Trajan this, are not known in the past and that came at the notice of Asturabo, where he was situated in the south of the wax royal residence, near the nunnery manor (Babylon) is right now known. What was utilized as a part of the development of this post has been assembled this fortress from stones taken from Pharaonic sanctuaries, where he finished development of the stronghold additionally block with the red shading, it was measured between 15-20 - 30 cm, and did not stay cutting-edge structures this fortification to the present day current yet the entryway tribal, which is flanked by two towers, just to find that it was worked more than one of the two towers, part of the hanging Church, which is a piece of the tribal ones, and we find that it was based on top of the other tower, which is situated at the passage to the tribal Museum, Church of St. George Roman, a particularly for the Greek Melkite, while in whatever is left of the divider parts staying from the stronghold, particularly in the eastern and western, tribal, places of worship were constructed (the exceptional Church of Abu Serga Church, St. George's Church, Church of the Virgin of short basil, St. George religious community, cloister six Barbara) We likewise discover a synagogue of the Jews. The fall of Babylon post was attacked, Amr ibn al-Aas stronghold of Babylon in 641, where the attack went on for seven months, and it has fallen this fortress, and that was a prelude to the acquaintance of Islam with the place that is known for Egypt. Different names for Castle Papillon know Babylon Fortress Palace of Wax is additionally a what was known old Roman post, with a zone of ​​the stronghold around a half square kilometers, and we find inside the historical center, a Copt, and in the places of worship of six and Deir Coptic, and renamed the Museum of wax backpedals to that was the gleam candles toward the start of every month, conveying the show to individuals like the sun, knows the general population, it may have been the sun move from tower to tower, by lighting the candles. Why fabricate a post of Babylon was worked to be a defense notwithstanding foes, monitor the top amid the assault. Fortification of Babylon site is presently found Babylon stronghold situated in the city of Cairo, when
the station known as (St. George) of the Subway3