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اخر الاخبار

Alexandria National Museum (Tourism Alexandria)

This historical center is a royal residence of wood merchant happiest Basile Pasha. It incorporates more than 1,800 relics speaking to most times experienced by Egypt. The gallery shows an assortment of archeological bits of the Pharaonic time and the Ptolemaic, Romanian, Byzantine and Islamic times, up to the present day 
period, which started in the time of Muhammad Ali Pasha and the end of the July 23 upset in 1952
Alexandria National Museum Palace was one of the rich Alexandria, a merchant timber Asaad Basile, who fabricated this royal residence on the Italian style has remained an occupant until 1954, then sold it to the US consulate

The castle remained the central command of the US department until purchased by the Supreme Council of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture in 1996 and after that reestablished by the revamped and changed into an exhibition hall with the start of the third thousand years, and the historical center was opened in September 2003

Also, the Museum of Alexandria National contain 1,800 relics incorporate all ages, from the old state to the present day time and the view of those pieces Egypt's human advancement, society and expressions and commercial ventures through the ages has been to bring these ancient rarities from a few galleries, including the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Islamic and Coptic Museum in Cairo and the Greek-Roman Museum and Antiquities pieces depressed Alexandria and Islamic landmarks and the most critical bits of existing statue speaking to Egyptian author and an arrangement of pots discovered pyramid of King Djoser.

In any case, the time of the current state is viewed as their best specialized Ages lost craftsmanship accumulation in this period between the practical and great Ideal School of Memphis School of realizing this most lovely bits of workmanship, which incorporates the historical center, including some uncommon pieces booklet of Queen Hatshepsut and the head of King Akhenaten and gathering statues third of Tuthmosis the god Amun and King Ramses II

Elite to Alexandria National Museum offer a private space for hints of the indented incorporates a great cluster of depressed relics that have been recouped, and the most vital pieces in this area Tmthal of dark rock for Isis and a statue of a cleric of the ministers of Isis and a gathering of statues and representations marble for a portion of the goddess of the Greeks, including the statue of Venus the goddess of affection and the leader of the most Iskandar and others

There is additionally space for the money of the monetary standards of the Group of various times, including the coinage of Group discovered submerged in Abu Qir Bay, and set different monetary standards due Byzantine and Islamic time

There is additionally in this segment a scope of weapons that go back to the Islamic period notwithstanding an arrangement of metal, glass and porcelain going back to different times Islamist

The advanced segment fitted with an assortment of property Muhammad Ali Dynasty of silver and gold gems that was utilized by sovereigns and rulers of the top family