Air Dome (in the city of Aswan) - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Air Dome (in the city of Aswan)

Air Dome is a gathering of bits of antiquated rock tombs known as the Tomb of the rulers on the west side of 
the Nile River, inverse Aswan
Vault Hawa is the rough mountain is situated on the west bank of the Nile close Aswan. The stature of that mountain is around 130 meters and has cut tombs of nobles and clerics Aswan from the time of the old Egyptians. The tomb is situated on the southern top of the mountain for a Muslim holy people named "Sidi Ali receptacle alHawa" which was named the arch in his name A white domed sepulcher Terry from a far distance, and there underneath the remaining parts of a Coptic religious community (St George)

You can get to the high tombs cut from two streets cuts towards the Nile on the eastern side, straight sanctuaries of the ascent and plummet of gatherings of individuals and every two dividers Hjrien. There are the tombs of old Egyptian nobles in three layers on the ascent in the focal point of the mountain[1] It has surpassed the quantity of graves from the period of antiquated Egyptian tomb of 100, and was covered where around 1,000 men, ladies and youngsters; the vast majority of them back to the time of the old state and the present day state

Graves Dome Hawa was described as the nobles and governors of the Nuba locale and Senate representatives in that area of the period of the Pharaohs which is engraved inside the mountain lodges, enriched dividers, diverse sizes and outlines. Give enhancements engraved on the dividers pictures of life of the standard days of the old Egyptians: scenes of butcher cowsTzaur relatives and companions angling winged creature Theede and dart holders artists and others. The most vital of these are additionally discovered formats for statues of antiquated Egyptians utilize the cast bronze metal and different metals, for example, gold, silver, and industry statues of those minerals. It found that full formats in a vast stoneware Garor was put adjacent to the ark of Sobek Hotep in his tomb arch Hawa; and was Sobek Hotep Mhaafta region Elephantine amid the rule of Senusret II

Egyptians aced the bronze throwing and valuable metals, for example, gold and silver. The primary statue of Pepe existing Egyptian Museum is the main huge bronze statue of the 6th Egyptian Ahdalosrh 2300 BC. Supplement our vision for the bronze throwing in the time of the old Egyptians existing photographs on the dividers of tombs Mreruka around 2,300 BC and Rekhmire around 1,450 BC